Job Seekers

Why should you use Swim for your next career move?

We match great people with great jobs.

We are not going to treat you like a number and we are never going to “sell” you the wrong opportunity. Our thorough approach allows us to get to know you beyond just your resume and to understand the opportunity beyond just the job description. We are experts at navigating the job market and we have established a straight line to the city’s top employers. We know our clients hire people, not resumes.

We are the top team in town.

When you partner with a Swimmer on your job search you will connect with a professional who understands the industry for which they recruit. Sure, we’re tenured, talented, and consultative, but we’re also fun and down-to-earth. Swim attracts the best and most experienced recruitment consultants in the city because we empower and invest in our people. This sets this stage for our team of industry veterans, who love this business, to deliver quality service and present you with great opportunities.

We won’t throw you in the deep end… take the plunge!