Tiffany Fay, Operations and Recruitment Administrator

The Serious Stuff:

Tiffany loves working in a fast paced environment and has enjoyed the challenges and excitement of working in the Recruitment Industry in the areas of office operations and administration. Tiffany is a proactive member of the Swim team, and is in the front-line of Swim’s quality customer service and back office operations. Tiffany loves working at Swim because at Swim you really do become a member of the Swim family and you will always hear some laughter in the office. When you walk through the Swim office doors, you will likely be met with Tiffany’s warm smile and her trusty fish companions!

The Fun Stuff:

Known for her upbeat personality and energy, Tiffany (also known as Fai-Fai) doesn’t allow the lack of sleep from her two young children to stop her in her tracks! Tiffany loves a good laugh, a good meal and a good hike in Vancouver’s beautiful mountains. Tiffany really loves working in the Swim team because Swim truly understand work and busy family life balance.