Tamiza Manji, Recruitment Consultant

The Serious Stuff:

Tamiza joins Swim with extensive Human Resources experience and recruitment experience. Wearing both the HR and Recruitment hat, Tamiza has a strong understanding of why an individual is right for a particular job and environment. Her past experience working in the highly competitive and fast moving Oil and Gas sector in Calgary makes her ideal for the equally dynamic and competitive Finance and Accounting recruitment market in Vancouver. Tamiza is a tenacious people person with a natural approach to building strong relationships. Tamiza holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Mount Royal University in Calgary

The Fun Stuff:

Tamiza is a funny and outgoing gal from Cowtown (aka Calgary). She loves to travel and recently took a big road trip to Vancouver permanently! Family and fitness are important to her and she chose Swim as it affords her the perfect balance between work and life.