“I have known Simon for many years and he is a consummate professional. Always master of his market, Simon is a thorough, committed and highly focused individual who uses his tremendous knowledge, experience and charisma to find the highest quality opportunities and candidates. He is also, on a personal level, a pleasure to work with.”

Simon Wood, President

The Serious Stuff:

After an initial career in Accounting, Simon started in the recruitment field in 1998. He worked in London, England as an Accounting Recruiter before specializing in the field of Taxation Recruitment. In 2003, Canada called and he and his wife moved to Vancouver where he began working for an internationally known Accounting and Finance Recruitment firm. In 2007, Simon’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Swim Recruiting with business partner Bodil Geyer. Simon specializes in matching the right person to the right role, building long-lasting relationships, and having fun along the way!

Simon received a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Management at the University of Leeds, England.

The Fun Stuff:

Passionate Liverpool Football Club supporter and Coach for his son’s soccer team (yes, Simon, it’s soccer), Simon is a bit “footy” obsessed. Resident tech-support, iPhone super-user, and office entertainer, Simon has primarily developed his Vancouver network through riding the good old West Coast Express!