“As a Career Contractor, I’ve been on assignment with many other agencies over the years. I’ve grown to realize that Shelley’s sense of urgency and follow up is a breath of fresh air in this industry, and really makes it easy and convenient to work as a Contractor through Swim.”

Shelley Hall, Operations Manager

The Serious Stuff:

Since 2006, Shelley has been working in the areas of office management and administration. Valued for her excellent follow-up and organizational skills, she is the glue that holds the Swim office together.  Shelley is the front-line of Swim’s quality customer service, payroll and book-keeping operations. Shelley loves working at Swim because when you come to our office you are treated like a real person, not a number.

The Fun Stuff:

Also known as “Mother Hen” by the staff, Shelley takes great pride in ensuring that everyone’s needs are taken care of, and that everyone is happy! Despite the fact that she’s the youngest in the office, Shelley manages to keep everyone inline. Shelley is the creative spirit in the office, and heaven help you if she catches you with one of her markers!