Diane Nhan, IT Recruitment Consultant

The Serious Stuff

With a background in psychology and law, Diane admits that she somewhat stumbled into the field of IT recruitment. However, in 2012 she took the plunge and is very much enjoying her adventures as a ‘professional matchmaker’. Diane finds it find it thrilling to work with IT candidates and clients in both the public and private sectors, and loves that she can play a part in helping individuals and organizations continuously strive to get to the next level. While she has a particular interest in the areas of healthcare consulting and mobile development, Diane welcomes the opportunity to connect with candidates of all backgrounds and specializations.

The Fun Stuff

In addition to her day-time work, Diane finds strange delight in being a so-called ‘struggling artist’ and has trained in film/television and voice-over acting. She also loves to play piano, hike the Grouse Grind, and have a sangria or two on a sunny patio.