“Brian goes out of his way to make sure that he understands the employer and employee to ensure the best possible match. He always maintains a professional approach whilst still being able to relate with people from all walks of life.”

Brian Thompson, Senior Recruitment Consultant - Information Technology

The Serious Stuff:

With a Bachelors of IT Management behind him, Brian started his recruiting career in 2005 and since then has led successful recruiting initiatives in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Brian’s domain knowledge in IT theory and technologies, combined with his extensive experience in recruiting both at the tactical and strategic level, gives him an edge in the industry enabling him to find candidates accurately and quickly.

The Fun Stuff:

Born and raised in New Zealand, is affectionately called “Kiwi.” Brian is obsessed with ice cream and can always be trusted to bring a tub of vanilla to every potluck event at Swim.

In Brian’s opinion, the best part of working at Swim is the people! We are one big happy family who loves to work, but also loves to play equally as hard – and there’s always a guaranteed laugh along the way.