“Boo is always a delight to work with, she not only represents professionalism and talent, she also has the unique ability to bring fun and life to her workplace and those of her clients.”

Bodil Geyer, COO

The Serious Stuff:

Boo brings a valuable blend of agency and in-house recruitment experience. Upon starting in the industry in 1996, Boo has gone on to lead branches of some of the country’s largest agencies and has managed the recruitment process for multi-national high-tech companies. In 2007, Boo collaborated with Simon to create Swim Recruiting and leads the company’s operations.

Boo studied Anthropology at the University of Toronto.

The Fun Stuff:

Boo has two Mom roles: one at home and one at Swim. She can be counted on to make sure the Swim Team is well-fed and well-behaved. A Swedish-born American who grew up in Canada, Boo is known for organizing Swim’s sports pools, instigating rousing debates, and marching up and down Swim’s office counseling someone on her cell phone. Boo is totally and completely passionate about everything that makes up Swim, especially her Swimmers.