Arby Canning, Recruitment Consultant

The Serious Stuff

After graduating from Trinity Western University with a B.A. in Psychology, Arby began her recruitment career recruiting the best students all around the Lower Mainland. She proved that her hard work, persistence, and dynamic personality were key factors in helping her break the university’s Admissions records in her first year of recruitment and then followed that the next year by beating her own new record. Arby’s interest in business led her to explore and familiarize herself with other types of recruitment. Now she is bringing her passion for building relationships and recruitment expertise to Swim Recruiting!

The Fun Stuff

Arby’s friends would describe her as fun-loving, adventurous and quirky. Even though Arby is the one writing this, they also say she is super great and really good at everything. In her spare time, if she isn’t at home eating chips and watching Netflix, you can see through her Instagram feed that she is probably travelling, hiking, teaching Dance Fit, or spending time with her loved ones.