“When it comes to finding the right talent, you need a solid partner in the industry. The team at Swim has the depth and breadth of experience to categorically understand your staffing needs and deliver the right people your way.”

The Original Swimmers

In 2007, Simon Wood and Bodil Geyer took the plunge and founded Swim Recruiting.

With over a decade each of recruitment experience, they came to believe that the recruitment market needed something different and new.

Drawing on in-house and agency experience, they focused on improving the recruitment experience for all parties — the Job Seekers, the People Seekers, and the Recruitment Professionals. Do the right thing. Create a work environment that empowers and attracts the top recruitment talent. Sit side-by-side with your team on the front lines- not in an office with a closed door. Always be part of the process of talking to People Seekers and Job Seekers about what can be improved in the recruitment marketplace.

Since those start-up days, Simon and Bodil have built a team of talented Recruitment Professionals who have been attracted to Swim’s vision. With excellent support, a positive and fun work culture, the Swim Team has grown to become the top team in town.