Join the Swim Team

Top 10 Reasons to take the plunge and join the Swim Team:

  1. Trust: We treat you like an adult… no one is going to ask you “How many calls have you made today?”
  2. Reward: Second-to-none benefits and a straightforward commission structure— No need for a scientific calculator!
  3. Balance: Swim understands you have a life and we give you the flexibility to live it.
  4. Talent: Our team is stacked with experience- we get it.
  5. Opportunity: Multiple practice areas = More opportunity.
  6. Management: Leaders who are accessible, involved, and empowering.
  7. Network: People know us— We have established a straight-line to the top employers in town.
  8. Brand: People like us— Swim is ethical, respected, and different.
  9. Office: Top technology and top tools in one of downtown Vancouver’s most accessible locations. Oh, and we have an awesome fish tank.
  10. Fun: We guarantee 10 laughs a day.


For more information, contact Simon at